It wasnt meant to be a public released wordpress theme as I designed it just as a X’mas gift for someone.But now, it doesnt make any sense to me any more, something I really like shouldnt be kept in the closet, I decided to publish it.

Lesbian love theme preview

NOTES: The vector illustration I use as the background image is cropped from a wallpaper i found by chance. I couldnt find its author, and definitely the credits go to nobody but him/her. The original wallpaper is here, help me find the author so i can give my thanx to him/her. And if there’s any copyright infringement problem, i’ll remove this theme asap.

Theme Info

  • Theme Name: Lesbian L0ve
  • Theme Demo: Here


  1. Sidebar Widgets Supported
  2. Compatible with WordPress 2.0+
  3. ELA,UTW,WP-PageNavi plugins supported, and dont worry that it’ll screw up your blog even you dont have these plugins installed/enabled
  4. XHTML and CSS valid
  5. Compatible with IE6+,Firefox,Opera,Konqueror…



  1. Extract the compressed file
  2. Put the directory into wp-content/themes
  3. Active it in the dashboard

Bug Report

  • This is a quick work,so please let me know any bugs of it. And it’ll be more welcome if you also point out the solution.
  • Contact Me: punkid[DOT]online[AT]gmail[DOT]com

6 Reponses So Far ↓

  1. punkid:

    服了??? what do you mean?

  2. Tony:

    没事 做女同的theme

  3. punkid:

    Actually I can do much better on girl style than punkid style :D

  4. Leelia:

    This theme is magnificent, I have criss-crossed the web down in the search for a theme for lesbian wordpress and I had found nothing but thanks to you I have one!

  5. punkid:

    Leelia, enjoy using it. And thx for the mention on your blog even I know little about French.

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