kimi won Australian GP

Got the pole position,set the fastest lap and won the race. It couldnt be perfecter for Kimi Raikkonen to have such a fantastic weekend in Australia. After a disaster 2006 year in McLaren, Kimi prefectly performed his debut for Ferrari ,proving he’s the exactly one to continue M.Schumacher and Ferrari’s legend.

Ferrari’s new car F2007 is proved to be much stronger than any other teams’ cars. The balance and speed are both quite satisfying. Kimi easily dominated the race,and left Alonso 7+ seconds behind.

kimi won Australian GP

This is the first time that Kimi V.S Alonso face by face. We ever saw their competition in 05 Season, but Kimi never started from the front to rival Alonso, he always started from the last (mostly becuz of the engine change penalty ) ,then catched up to the 2nd,never really rivalled Alonso right by his side. And this time,he did it. Alonso started left beside him, and Kimi controlled the race from the begin to the end.

His teammate Felip Massa, had a bad weekend due to his car’s gear box problem. But he managed to catched up from the last to the 6th by two pit-stops strategy. Well, i still think Massa lacks the skill of overtaking. And that’s why M.Schumacher always won the race even he started from the very behind.

McLaren’s rookie Hamilton did a great job, he’s the 1st black man who ever drive a F1 car,the 1st black man who got the podium, the 1st black man who got the podium in his debut… I really like this black young man,his debut shows his superb talent, passion and ambition. McLaren chipped on the right side for selecting this inexperienced young guy as their car driver.

B.M.W Sauber stunned us, they have only run for one year, now they’re the most competitive rival to Ferrari and McLaren.Heilfield got 4th. Just take a look at Toyota, they nearly invest 400 million dollars per year, and they still aint reach the goal they want. I have to admit that German Auto Companies are quite good at management and running car race.

Honda could be the most disppointed one, their Green Earth painting didnt bring them good luck. Rubino and Button tried their best to control the cars. What’s more sarcastic to them is, their ‘customer’ — Super Aguri ,which is suspected to be a copy of Honda’s 06 Season racing car, did much better than Honda. It’s intolerant! And I strongly hate this Japanese Team for being a second Honda, they’re not a F1 racing team ! I bet Frank Williams (the boss of Williams Team) hate ’em much more than me.

Kimi won Australian GP

This is the new year for Ferrari ! Go for RED!

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