The picture tells us result in F1 Malaysian Grand Prix. Alonso got the 1st win for him in McLaren,and his teammate Lewis Hamilton got 2nd. Kimi Raikkonen kept his 3rd position in qualifying.

Alonso,Hamilton and Kimi


This afternoon in Malaysia,the speed of McLaren’s cars really shocked us. Alonso almostly dominated the whole race and easily won the race. He didnt make any mistake and drove so smoothly. McLaren’s MP4-22 is stable as SOLID ROCK! Now he leads 2 pts in front of Kimi Raikkonen.

Alonso Wins Malaysia GP


The McLaren’s black rookie Lewis Hamilton did even a better job than in Australian GP. He started from 4th but just in the 1st corner he overtook Kimi and Massa’s position up to 2nd. This is just his SECOND race in F1, but he already knows how to drive fast and defend. Massa tried to pass him, but no luck at all. Even Massa passed him, he soonly took it back. When facing Kimi’s challenge, he looked quite calm and didnt give any chance to Kimi. Hamilton is bound to be the NEXT F1 champion. Well Done, Hamilton! You can do much better than your 2 champion titles teammate Alonso.


Kimi Raikkonen didnt look happy for the result. He ever said: A podium without Champion doesnt mean anything to him. He was supposed to take the champion in Malaysia, but in order to protect his engine, he couldnt push too hard. When starting, he was held by his teammate Massa, yield to letting Hamilton go in front of him. He couldnt drive as fast as his teammate so he had no way to overtake Hamilton’s position. Anyway, he got 3rd place that only lost 2 pts behind Alonso.

Kimi doesnt look happy


Massa, the disappointed and disappointing one who started from pole position but only managed to finish in 5th, definitely didnt enjoy his Sunday at all. A lucky Saturday means nothing if he cannot win the race. I still hold my opinion, he’s too inexperienced in overtaking and defending. Last season, he couldnt defend Alonso’s rival to help his teammate Michael Schumacher, and now he still has no idea about how to defend and overtake.

Hamilton passes two ferraris

He lost his pole position in the 1st corner of lap 1, causing the slow down of his teammate and letting Hamilton overtake his position. When challenging Hamilton, he might be too anxious to overtake, a too late brake made him fall behind to 5th after B.M.W Sauber’s Heidfeld.

Massa,you go too far!

If he still couldnt get a podium, Ferrari cannot win the constructor champion title only by Kimi Raikkonen. Now McLaren has led 9 pts in front of Ferrari. : ( I’m missing Michael Schumacher again.


Rosberg was supposed to get some pts in this race, but an engine failure ended his race with a DNF. This afternoon Williams looked competitive. Rosberg drove quite well,actually. Can Williams bring a bright future for him or just waste his talent ?



I guess Honda has been quite tired of holding the whole world ( Green World painting on their cars ) on their shoulder. They continued their disasters in Australia. The car’s balance was terrible, and lacks of speed. The 2004 BAR era has ended for years. Dont they really realize it?

Toyota, another disappointed Japanese team. Even their engine customer Williams did much better than ’em. They really nead to improve their racing management.


This is not an exciting racing to us,espeicially to the Tifosi. Anyway,dont forget the back-to-back race in Bahrain next weekend!

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