F1 Bahrain GP 2007

Finally, Felipe Massa took his 1st win this season in Bahrain GP after 2 disaster races. His biggest rival Lewis Hamilton took second behind him, and his teammate Kimi Raikkonen got third. After this race, now Hamilton shares the same pts (22 pts) with Kimi and Alonso at the top of the drivers score chart.

F1 Bahrain GP 2007

Massa did a good start from pole position, Hamilton couldnt manage to overtake Massa’s place. But Alonso reap Kimi’s third place in the 2nd corner after starting.Kimi tried to take back his position,but Alonso didnt leave any space to let him go.Meanwhile Hamilton set the fastest lap again and again, he pushed quite hard to catch Massa,but still no luck.So he took his 1st pitstop before Massa,Kimi and Alonso. After Hamilton’s pitstop,Massa quickly did his pitstop and kept his position easily. Alonso seemed to be much slower than his teammate and Kimi,Kimi still hadnt found a way to pass,so he was waiting for Alonso’s pitstop to let him breath some fresh air.Finally Alonso took his 1st pitstop,thus Kimi was able to make a much quicker lap,1 lap later,Kimi took his 1st pitstop,his mechanics changed his rear tyres but not front tyres,this precise pitstop made him took back his 3rd position from Alonso. Unfortunately Alonso couldnt even kept his 4th place,Nick Heldfeld did an excellent overtaking,Alonso fell to 5th position.

I was expecting Kimi could reap the second place from Hamilton,but after his 2nd pitstop, his car seemed much slower than Hamilton’s, he fell 8 secs behind Hamilton! Hamilton was rivaling Massa again, he tried to catch up with Massa, but there was no enough way letting him push. Massa was the fisrt one who saw the waving chequered flag, Hamilton was the second,Kimi got third,and Heldfeld…still/always got his 5th!

Felipe Massa Took His 1st Win this Season

Felipe Massa was the happiest guy today!


But actually Hamilton was the biggest winner today, he got the same pts with his teammate and Kimi. What a RAW guy!

F1 Bahrain GP 2007

Kimi still looked unhappy, he’s eagerly need another championship again.

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