Massa won F1 Spanish GP


After a whole month of non-racing, finally F1 racing came back to Barcelona,Spain, Alonso’s home grand prix. But this weekend doesnt belong to him, but Ferrari’s Felipe Massa. Alonso’s teammate Hamilton got second, and he managed to get third thx to Kimi’s retirement.

Massa started from pole position, but Alonso was so ambitious and eager to win this racing, so he moved to the outside in the 1st corner and tried to steal the 1st position from inside in the next corner of the chicane. But Massa didnt give him an inch to let him pass, he closed the door, Alonso’s car ran off the road into the sand ground.

Massa won F1 Spanish GP

Massa drove so bleeding quickly, no one was able to catch up with him. Hamilton lost more and more time to catch up with Massa. And his teammate Alonso was mostly 10sec behind him, so he got the 2nd place again. Now he leads the world championship with 30pts.


Kimi wont be happy for this result at all, he suffered a DNF due to the electronic problem. Now he fell into 4th in driver championship, 8 pts behind Hamilton. He still need time to know F2007 more, qualifying is his biggest headache.


Even though I’m a part of tifosi, I’m really quite happy to see McLaren’s rookie Hamilton leading the championship. He doesnt make any mistake, he knows how to overtake and defend, well, i’d really like to see the black guy to win 2007 driver champion if Kimi doesnt make it.


Well,what i wanna say is the F1 racing becomes more and more boring,really! We dont see any overtaking in the front, everyone puts focus on qualifying, to win the pole position means to win the racing. Drivers are so skillful in defending, if they dont make any mistake, there’s no overtaking at all. What we see now is lots of cars running in their own way, racing with themselves. How F1 becomes so boring!

Massa won F1 Spanish GP

How does Alonso feel?

Massa won F1 Spanish GP

Massa did a hat trick again, he looks so happy.

Long Time No See,Schumi

Long Time No See, Schumi! I’m missing you!

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    Massa 如果拿不到杠位的话,正赛通常没戏,他最大的弱点在于不擅于超越。

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