Alonso get No.1 in Monaco

This might be one of the longest time I ever been thru in watching F1 race, I mean this 2 hours racing really really makes me bored and sleepy.

Dont expect too much in Monaco, it’s quite difficult to overtake in Monte Carlo such a narrow street circuit. But just look back to 2005, Kimi did such a great racing, and Truli overtook Fisichella in the Grand Hotel hairpin,the most impossible corner for overtaking. What’s more, Williams’s Webber and Heildfeld both overtook Alonso in Nouvelle Chichane. In 2006, Schumacher started from the 22th and achieved 5th place. Then how can the Monaco GP turn out so boring this year.

Two McLarens in Monaco

There’s totally no overtaking at all, but McLaren’s two drivers kept lapping and lapping the others, even the 4th car — Fisichella’s. And the 3rd place driver Massa nearly fell behind the two McLarens ONE MINUTE. Well, I’m really astonished by the performance of McLaren in Monaco, their cars are so quick and solid, even Hamilton kissed the wall, nothing got broken…

A mistake Kimi made in qualifying broke the right steering arm of his car, resulted a bad start position and a tough time for him to race. Kimi only managed to get 1pt in this race, he has lost too many pts in these 2 Grand Prix (Spain and Monaco). He’s getting further and further away from the world championship.

Ferrari seemed to be quite strong in the beginning of this season, but now McLaren looks much more competitive than Ferrari. McLaren has got 20pts beyond Ferrari, as Kimi left 15pts to catch up with the two McLaren drivers.

I was looking forward to Hamilton’s debut F1 win in Monaco, but…did McLaren promise Alonso a GP champion to make up the regrets in his home Spanish Barcelona race?

The new F1 racing rules are killing the excitement and interest of F1 sports.

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