Hamilton Reaped His Maiden Victory


Congratulations to the UK black guy Hamilton for reaping his debut F1 win in Montreal, Canadian GP! This is the doppest F1 rookie I ever seen, even his 2 titles world championship teammate Alonso cannot be so raw like him. Started from pole position, running thru a succession of car accidents and chaos, Hamilton still held his 1st position till the chequered flag. How can an inexperience F1 driver give us so many miracles ?

Now Hamilton leads 8 pts ahead his teammate Alonso in the driver championship chart, Massa was left 15 pts behind him, let alone the 21 pts Kimi has fell behind. McLaren really looks so strong and Ferrari just fells more and more behind it. It becomes such a tough job for Ferrari to catch up, they’re just not fast enough!


I’m really disappointed at Kimi’s performance, he has lost so many pts that I think the possibility for his world championship this year is quite limited. Massa got a black flag penalty for ignoring the red light in pit lane. Ferrari has lost everything they should have in Canada. Ferrari really need someone who like Schumacher and Ross Brown to lead the team to the right direction.


Started beside his pole-sitter Teammate, but only managed to get 7th in the end. Alonso definitely wouldnt be satisfied with this result. He made a series of mistakes in this race. He was too ambitious to win the race that he ran wide at the 1st corner in the beginning of the race, handed his 2nd position to B.M.W Sauber’s Heildfeld. Moreover, he ran into the grass ground at the chicane for several times, letting Massa easily passed him.

Alonso made serveral mistakes

Alonso made serveral mistakes

Meanwhile the coming out of the safety car ruined his race, he was running out of fuel that he had to take a pitstop despite of the 10 seconds pit lane stop-and-go penalty.

What’s more, he was pulling so hard that his car’s super-soft tyres lost grip. Even Super Aguri’s Sato easily overtook his 6th position. That’s really a big shame for him.


B.M.W Sauber driver Kubica could be the most unfortunate guy this weekend, he got a terrible crash on the wall in the hairpin corner. This was a terrible accident, his car got totally smashed, fortunately this accident only broke his ankle, nothing really serious happened on him.

Accident on Kubica

Accident on Kubica

Accident on Kubica

Car accidents also happened on Sutil, Alberts, Liuzzi and Truli, the safety came out for 4 times that completely confused everyone including the audiences. Ferrari was the biggest loser, but William’s Wurz who started from 19th was the luckiest guy in the chaos, he finally got 3rd.


  • 4 times coming out of the Safety car ruined every strategy the teams have made
  • Big crashes never stopped
  • Massa and Fisichella both got a black flag penalty for ignoring the red light in the pit lane
  • Alonso and Rosberg both got a 10 seconds pit lane stop-and-go penalty for taking a pit stop despite of the yellow light in the pit lane.
  • Someone benefited from the collision and chaos, such as Wurz, Sata…
  • Super Aguri’s Anthony Davidson took a weird pit stop that his team didnt even prepare for it. And his teammate Sato also wasted several seconds due to the inefficient cooperation of his mechanics.
  • Button never started as his Honda refused to fire up on the grid.


I never seen such a big chaotic race before. Canadian GP was exciting but also confusing…I’d like to see the re-up for Ferrari in Indianapolis, USA GP.

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