Champagne for Hamilton

Hamilton must quite enjoy the days in North America, after a lucky win in the chaotic Canadian GP, he took his second win in Indianapolis, USA GP, Hamilton dominated the whole North America racing.

I’m really quite happy for him, even though he’s not a Ferrari driver. Now he leads ahead him teammate Alonso 10 pts in the drivers for championship chart. Massa took 3rd in this GP. His teammate Kimi didnt succeed to get the podium again. Quite disappointing :(

Hamilton,Alonso and Massa


McLaren was so strong that early pulling away the gap between them and Ferrari. Ferrari couldnt even see the tail of the McLarens. But the race turned out the battle between the teammates.

Hamilton VS Alonso

Failed to get the pole-position, starting besides his teammate again, Alonso might be quite unhappy inside. So he really pushed as hard as he can, to overtake his teammate’s position. In lap 38, he was very very hot on Hamilton’s tail, nearly ran side by side with Hamilton. Buy Hamilton didnt look like worrying about that, he held his driving line, letting Alonso yield to have an earlier-brake in the 1st corner.

Alonso VS Hamilton

Alonso might have succeeded to overtake Hamilton’s place thru the pit stop strategy, but he made a little mistake that lost about 2 secs. But Hamilton didnt make any mistake. Hey Guys, he’s not even ever raced in the Indy Circuit before!

Massa VS Kimi

Kimi suffered a bad start that lost 2 places, but he re-gained his 4th position by pit stop strategy. I just dont know why he chose the medium tyres in the beginning of the race, if he used soft tyres, he could have took the pole position! So after a hard time of catching up, he finally faced his teammate Massa in the front. Massa was using medium tyres, which was 0.4 secs/lap slower than the soft one’s performance. Kimi set the fastest lap, but he couldnt find a way to overtake, and both of them knew they should not push too hard, they had to protect their engines. So Kimi didnt get the podium again. I guess he and Jean Tode were both quite disappointing.


Indy is considered one of the best circuit for Ferrari to win, but the gap between them and McLaren was … too huge. They cannot be so optimistic any more. TRY to find a way to improve your cars or to be lapped by McLaren!

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