Kimi won French GP

After three sequential miserable races, the Ferrari finally strikes back! The red team took their first 1-2 win at Magny-Cours Circuit de French Grand Prix this season.Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen took 1st and his Brazilian teammate Felipe Massa took 2nd, McLaren-Mercedes British driver Hamilton took 3rd.

The Ferrari cars look quite competitive this weekend, they set the fastest lap in two of the three practices. Even McLaren-Mercedes driver Alonso had to admit their cars are so strong as Ferrari. So the McLaren decided to use three pitstop strategy for their young driver Hamilton. Their cars are very light on fuel, that giving the Ferrari the chance to pull away the gap.


Kimi won French GP

Kimi finally took his 2nd champion for Ferrari. He started from 3rd, but he had a good start that easily overtook Hamilton’s 2nd place. His teammate Massa is crucially flying on the front, there was nearly a 4 secs gap b/w them. But a 3 laps heavier fuel and the traffic jam made him easily pass his teammate thru the 2nd pitstop.

His teammate Felipa Massa didnt push much hard since then, the 2 Ferrari cars smoothly took the 1-2 win at last.


The McLaren set 3 pitstop strategy for Hamilton, he was overtook by Kimi in the 1st corner in starting lap. He was quite lighter on fuel than Ferrari’s two cars. The three pitstop cost nearly 25 secs more than the Ferrari. So Hamilton had no way to regain his position, and stayed in the 3rd place till the chequered flag.

But he still leads! Now he’s leading 64 pts in the driver score, pulling away 14 pts with his teammate Alonso in the 2nd. Ferrari’s Massa has 47 pts to his teammate Kimi’s 42 pts in 4th. The two Ferrari drivers are rivaling Alonso’s place.


Alonso had a disappointing weekend, his gear box problem caused his absence in the 3rd cue of the Qualifying. Started from 10th, but was held up by B.M.W Sauber’s Heildfeld. Even though Alonso’s soft tyres and light car looked much quicker than Heildfeld, the experienced Germany didnt yield to Alonso’s hazardous attack. Alonso tried late-brake trick to overtake the Germany’s place several times, but Heildfeld closed the door quickly.

Alonso VS Heildfeld

Alonso was also very light on fuel, he had to take an earlier pitstop than Heildfeld, when he came out the pit lane, he was held up by his ex-teammate Fisichella.

Alonso finally passed Fisico, now he was rivaling Heildfeld again, he cut thru the inside line and successfully overtook the Germany.

But his earlier pitstop screwed up his hard work, the 2nd pitstop caused him fell behind Heildfeld and Fisico again. At last, he only managed to take 7th place in French Grand Prix.


The Italian red army finally rival back! The cars are so competitive and strong, i’m quite looking forward to the next back-to-back British Silverstone GP. Ferrari has much more advantage in aerodynamics development than McLaren.


Schumi and Zidane

Look that! Schumacher and Zidane appeared at the Magny-Cours Circuit. Schumi gave the retired French football star a passenger ride in his Ferrari FXX car which was presented as a gift by Ferrari. I love the black car!

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