Kimi won British GP

I really love this victory pose of Kimi, the whole Britain is looking forward to their home hero Hamilton winning this race. But Kimi screwed up the young British black boy and McLaren’s good dream. He won the F1 2007 British Grand Prix!

Hamilton started from pole position thx to his light-fuel strategy, he had a very good start that succeed to held up Kimi’s overtaking, but he didnt manage to pull away the gap b/w him and Kimi. Kimi was really hot on his tail, after 15 laps passed, the gap b/w him and Kimi was still 0.8s! And he had to yield to his light-fuel strategy to have an earlier pit-stop, moreover, he made an too-early-start during fuelin’, letting Kimi easily overtook his place.

Hamilton held up Kimi

But Alonso then had a splash n’ dash, that went up to the 1st place, and he was quicker than Kimi. Thx to Ferrari’s heavy-fuel strategy, after Alonso’s 2nd pit-stop, Kimi was able to go on 6 laps more under the light-load status, meanwhile Alonso fell into the traffic jam troubles. Kimi easily regained his 1st place and maintained the position till the chequered flag.

Massa, unlucky boy

Felipe Massa was a lil bit of unlucky, his car stalled after the warm-up lap. And he had to start from the pit lane in the last position. By the huge advantage of Ferrari car, he easily passed one by one, and got the 5th place from 22nd. I bet if his didnt stall, Hamilton would not be able to continue his 9th sequential podium miracle.

P.S: If McLaren is really associated with this theft case, I’m really BIG SHAME on YOU!

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