After 2 weeks rest, the Formula race moved to European GP, Nuerburgring Circuit in German. Personally I prefer Hockenheim Circuit to Nuerburgring :D

alonso won european gp

Alonso luckily grabbed his 1st position from Massa thx to the rain. And Massa finally got 2nd, Red Bull Australian driver Webber won his 1st podium in this season. Both Hamilton and Raikkonen had a bad day, Hamilton only managed to get 9th, and Raikkonen DNF due to hydraulic pressure problem of his car.

It was a clear and sunny day in the beginning of the race, but 1 lap later, it suddenly rained! All cars ran into pit lane changing tyres. Kimi was intended to change his tyres,too. But he slipped before the pit lane, he had to manage to take one more lap in dry tyres which wasted him lots of time and make him fell to 7th position.

The rain was pouring heavier and heavier. Many cars spin of the track, ran into the gravel, including Hamilton’s. 6 cars spin in the same turner and ran into the gravel, only Hamilton’s didnt stall and was able to get rescued by the crane as well got back to the track.

many cars ran into the sand-grass

On the 4th lap, the race was red flagged, the race must pause and wait for restart till the weather condition turn out better. And the new pole position holder was Spyker’s rookie Winkelhock!

Almost 15 mins passed, the weather condition turned out much better, it was sunny again, Jesus! The race finally restarted, Massa easily passed Winkelhock and led the race, Alonso was in the 2nd, Raikkonen was in the 3rd.

As the track got drier and drier, Kimi was much quicker than Alonso, there was only 1 sec b/w them. But a few laps later, Kimi slowed down his car and DNF because of the hydraulic pressure problem. He NEVER win the champion in German. Bad luck guy…

kimi DNF

Hamilton didnt continue his 9 sequential podiums miracle. He restarted from the last (14th), wasnt able to get closer to the 8th before the chequered flag. He finally got 9th in this race.

Alonso was the biggest winner in this race, the rain started again within the last 10 laps. McLaren Mercedes car was much quicker than Ferrari in wet condition, and Alonso overtook Massa’s 1st place and then easily pulled away the gap. Meanwhile, after this race, the gap b/w him and Hamilton in driver championship chart was only 2 pts.

Remember Schumacher’s 4-pit-stops in 2004 French GP? Heildfeld took 6 pit stops in this race! That’s crazy!

Quentin Tarantino at Nuerburgring

Who’s this guy in Nuerburgring? He’s Quentin Tarantino, OMFG!

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