Recently I signed up the China Telecom’s bandwidth network service, it requires all of the users to install a dial-up software named NetKeeper (星空极速) which’s developed by China Telecom itself, neither Windows native dial-up tool, nor linux rp-pppoe can connect to the internet.

I’ve ever heard about the shits about it, China Telecom promotes their NetKeeper to avoid the Router connection abuse. With NetKeeper, once you successfully dial up, your ethernet card’s MAC address will be recorded into China Telecom’s record machine, and then you can only connect to the internet with this MAC address (MAC address is unique for every ethernet card), that means if you change your ethernet card, you cannot dial up any mo, you’d have to contact the China Telecom’s service and ask ’em to flush the old record.

What the worse is, the NetKeeper will modify your real dial-up username, and hash the password in its own way. With Sniffer Pro tool, i found the username was modified into <OD><OA>********username, translate <OD><OA> into ASCII code, that means \r\n, there’s an indent and break-line character and eight letters before your old username. How can we type the break-line character in Windows native dial-up tool or linux rp-pppoe.

With NetKeeper, you have to suffer the China Telecom’s ad spam, you have to be aware that China Telecom’s monitoring your surfing track, you have to give up your linux or Mac system.

I’m a linux daily-user, i’m realllllly pissed off by the ignorance of China Telecom. It fucked up!

I’ve contacted the China Telecom’s service, they say they’d ask a cat to help me out. I’m wondering do they know what is linux and how to use linux? Stop modifying my username and password, and dont force me to use your lame NetKeeper.

Update: Finally China Telecom yielded to disabling the bundled *service for me, letting me to dial up under linux and windows without its NetKeeper

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  1. Moe:

    Hi, just wanted to find out, were can i get netkeeper from and is there any way around using netkeeper because it seems to be a pathetic peice of software, and i need internet on my phones, and i cant even use it through wifi because i have to go throught netkeeper, is there any way around it, thanks

  2. lame:

    the worst now is that it dosent work with my freakin macbook , and i cant use the internet to make wifi connection , MF’s they had to do it

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