After a whole day controversy on the McLaren’s ‘spy-scandal’ hearing in Paris, the FIA finally made their wise judgement. McLaren will be excluded from 07 constructor’s championship, stripped of the constructor pts, and fined 100 million dollars as penalty of stealing and using Ferrari’s confidential data. As well, McLaren are also required to submit detailed plans of their 2008 car to the FIA in case of continuing using Ferrari’s confidential data.

Ron Dannis after the Hearing

Fortunately McLaren’s two drivers will not be stripped of the pts as penalty due to their cooperation with the FIA and handed up the evidence.

The new evidence is the e-mails b/w the McLaren engineers and drivers which shows that they indeed used Ferrari’s confidential data in their cars and racing.

McLaren finally paid for their stupidity, but the driver’s title competition is still b/w the two McLaren’s drivers. I guess, Alonso might turn back to Renault after this terrible year’s co-operation with McLaren, Renault may hand their rookie Kovalainen to Toyota, so what about Toyota’s Ralf Schumacher ? Go to DTM ?

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