Even though I’m a linux daily-user, I still need Windows to do some PS, cyberbank things. A robust firewall is defly needed to me for system security and privacy protection. Symantec’s Norton Series have been my No.1 choice for almost 7 yrs (I used it from 2001 to 2007), it provides remarkable protection for my Windows XP+SP2 (never run Windows Update).

But after a few updates from Symantec recently, my system encountered serious Memory Leaks prob. I have a 50G+ partition which contains gigs of Mp3s, and lots of movies and videos. The NIS almost uses up both of my virtual and physical memory when doing the scanning on that Big partition, and it stops responding before finishing the scan. So I have to kill it manually, and my system becomes huge slow, which is barely tolerable.

I am never an antivirus software fan, basically i’d rather remove the virus by myself, I use Symantec’s NIS just becuz of their robust firewall. But they dont provide standalone firewall software, but packed with their Norton Antivirus into Norton Internet Security. The antivirus software takes too much memory, and it is just not the reason why i use NIS. So finally I decided to remove the whole NIS thing.

Now I’m using a free firewall named Comodo, which provides many advanced features and by far meets my need. What’s more, it’s quite SLIM! Look at my tasklist now. It only takes up 12MB memory.


With a clean startup, my system is running on the fly, again!


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  1. Hermy:

    that, is the 3D desktop u showed off?

    oh yeah! got my MBV discography done! just checked my Music\New folder, zoomed up to 11G…jesus, when can i finish em all now that im still so obsessed with Mansun and wouldnt play anything else except when im trying to sleep??!

    um…can u figure out for me how to get a highID for emule after a router? in desperate need

  2. punkid:

    Nope, this is my Windows XP system, non-3D desktop.

    Hey, havent u checked out this and this page? They’ve already covered everything i could tell.

    Its not about whether i can figure it out for you, but whether you’ve followed the HOWTOs i give you.

  3. Tony:

    I thought that would be Edward Norton when I took a glace at your title.

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