Anyone tried Coldplay’s new 4th studio album Viva la Vida or Death And and His Friends ? It’s already available online.

The album name is weird, why should it be called Viva la Vida plus or Death and All His Friends. Viva la Vida could be fair enough.

To be frank, this album had a little disappointed me, after hearing the 2rd single Viva la Vida, I had a high expectation on the upcoming new album, their previous three albums had never let me down. The new album is not bad, though. I mean, actually it’s pretty good, but just below my expectation.

Viva la Vida is ass-kicking, I love this track. But Violet Hill is awful, at least to my taste it shouldnt be promoted as the 1st single.

42 is said to be inspired from the science fiction The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy‘s 42 is the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. Maybe I should take a look at this famous book in some future time.

The acoustic Lost? is a decent track, it’s my favorite song of this album, somehow reminds me of their 2rd album’s Amsterdam.

Strawberry Swing, should I tag it to folk music ? Death And All His Friends is much way better than Strawberry Swing.

Overall, I like this album, but I would like to address it as the worst of the four good albums.

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  1. Tony:

    this post should post on

  2. punkid:

    this post should be posted on :D

  3. Tony:


  4. g.zhen.ning:

    Viva la Vida is strange… sounds look like a South Africa clan.

  5. hermy:

    nope, excuse me, nobody here studies a lil bit of Spanish?
    viva means hurray, la is sth like “the”, vida means life, so it means “hail to the life” or sth like that

    and the first voice stroke me a bit, but then it just fades into another not-so-creative album, had a couple of listen then thru it into my sea of folders again…

    cant believe u love them so much as to post a log for them

  6. punkid:

    Thank you for your explanation on Spanish, tho quite early on I’ve known what did it mean :)

    This album is not bad, and I can totally ignore your opinion since you’ve been so obsessed with shoegaze.

  7. hermy:

    im not explaining it to u u megalomaniac~

    for gods sake, i think ive listened to more of britpop-related stuff than u’ll ever do so my opinion should never be ignored XD

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