I just need a job to avoid the NEEP things.

I’ve been studying finance and investment for three years, which helps me gain a basic recognition of the financial business, and I show great interest in having some further development in this field by practice.

Any job concerning finance will be acceptable, placement is also okay as long as there’re some further opportunities offered.

No salary requirement yet.

P.S: I cant be happier with a bank job, I mean, A BANK JOB, not THE BANK JOB ;)

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  1. hermy:

    i see my future self in your refection…

  2. punkid:

    I dont see my future myself :(

  3. g.zhen.ning:

    don’t lose heart!
    you are great, just not the time yet.

  4. punkid:

    Maybe it’s not my time yet :(
    Anyway, thx mate!

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