Somehow I have insomnia again, the nights always drive me enegetic, whilst I am usually quite sleepy and fatigued (physically and mentally both) during the day time. Pulling all-nighters has become a routine job for me.


The finance book is almost 800 pages, damn, couldnt be more boring and tiresome.


I used to thought I did quite well in mathematics, nonetheless, the calculus has become a headache for me, let alone the matrix.


Happened to get some brewed Brazilian coffee, yummy! I love the taste, much better than Netscafe’s.


Love the detail of this shot, a lil of dirty and grunge style.

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    @ Shellex: 我咋越长大失眠越多? 看来已经加速老了

    @ Tony: 因为以前用的FF2,footer不是fix positioned,所以看不到渐变。这个带渐变的footer最初就有的。

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