Chinese Dildo

Tagline: You can experience it without me, haha. I’m an evil man …

F.Y.I: This utility is used for providing a man’s pleasure without a man to the ladies :)

Mono Ticket

I’ve got the Mono’s pre-ordered ticket in 11/27 Shanghai Mao Livehouse, anyone likes to share a great post-rock (not hard-rock :D) night with me?

My friends keep questioning me: Are you out of your mind? Spend 180 yuan for a never-heard-about little Japanese band in a small pub, sigh…

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  1. g.zhen.ning:

    using the tool that only give you a rough experience.

    feel free to contact me if pretty lady needs… :)

  2. punkid:

    Hah, rough, I love that word! But it should be a sleek experience IMHO ;)

  3. g.zhen.ning:

    I have to confess that I’m an evil man too, So compared it to human penis… what do you think?

  4. hermy:

    hm, where did u get the hang of the dildo? been to some “culture exhibition” as well? i went to the GZ one with my bf, and witnessed mass amount of condom balloons…

  5. punkid:

    Aha, I spotted it when I passed by a roadside stand. Pragmatically speaking, it would be much more terrific if it could vibrate :)

  6. hermy:

    oh, ive seen loads which could vibrate in different directions in that exhibition, even pink ones like the rabbit

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